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A rare combination of science, entrepreneurship, and technology

Anēlen is a Middle English word that means "to set on fire" and "to stimulate (the brain)". No single word can better represent our passion for science, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Anelen Co., LLC was born because we believe in innovation and entrepreneurship. Your idea is brilliant. So we want to lend a good hand to turn your idea into reality. We want to help you make it happen fast and grow big

Anelen's Daigo Tanaka was an experienced technologist at one of Y Combinator's successful startups. He joined when the company was still literally in a garage. By introducing an agile software development practice, Daigo helped the chaotic engineering team transform itself to be productive and sustainable. He also hired and mentored dozens of engineers. Five years later, the company grew to have an annual revenue of 30 million dollars.

Daigo holds a Ph.D. degree from Carnegie Mellon University. His 15-years career includes an early stage startup, a Fortune 500 company, and top-tier research institutes, all in data science projects. Daigo excels in communicating with experts in various business domains including healthcare, energy, and retail. He collaboratively identifies key questions and answers with rigorous data analysis. Decision makers always appreciate when Daigo translates complex analysis into a story with effective visualization.

Whether you are searching for data science or analytics consultation, you are in good hands with Anelen.

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