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ANELEN and Open Innovation

We believe in the power of open and collaborative culture. We work with clients who also believe in using open-source software for accelerating their growth and are eager to give back to the community. We adopted the Code of Conduct by Contributor Covenant.

Open Source Projects by ANELEN 

All of ANELEN's open-source projects are released under Apache License Version 2.0, a permissive free software license widely accepted by many open-source projects.


These are released projects. We welcome collaborators at any level!


Deploy configurable unix pipeline jobs serverlessly.

handoff is a framework for executing unix-pipeline processes serverlessly. It separates the code and run-time configurations, making the deployment faster, more flexible, and more secure.

  Python Package  See the source on GitHub


General-purpose REST API Singer-io tap

tap-rest-api is a Python program in Singer specification to extract data from REST API. It enables rapid instantiation of ETL processes.

  Python package   See the source on GitHub


Move BigQuery data to the frontline applications

tap-bigquery is a Python program in Singer specification to extract data from BigQuery so we can load them to the frontline applications. It is very useful when we want to replicate the product qualified lead score from the data warehouse to Merketo and Pardot, or customer health metrics to Zendesk.

  Python Package   See the source on GitHub


Keep SQL documentation fresh as the source 

dbt_docstring is a helper command for dbt's beautiful documentation feature. It lets data engineers write document in SQL comments instead of separate yaml and markdown files. 

  Python Package  See the source on GitHub

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