We help innovative businesses make smarter decisions with Data Science

We love Startups

Our founder was a veteran data scientist at a prominent Y Combinator startup

Proven at Enterprise

We helped international enterprises in various sectors for the data strategy.

Ph.D. level analysis

Our passion is to generate evidence-based strategical recommendations with academic rigor.

A case for Human Data Science

"Machines are becoming smarter. But how can we make humans smarter?" This is question is the core of why Anelen exists as a human-centric data science company while others focus on blind automation.

We get you started from scratch.

Choosing the right data analytics infrastructure is crucial for sustainable data strategy. We help set up the right data warehouse, pipeline, and business intelligence tool that produce 10x ROI.

We organize your data and visualize

We are obsessed with organizing messy data and making clean visualizations for your dashboard and reports.

We extract the highest value from your data

We are experts in statistics & machine learning. Using the industry-standard tools such as Python and R, we conduct the advanced research and development.

It's the people who make decisions. So we coach your data team.

Your company's data strategy won't be complete without the internal team's maturity in data governance, skill competence, and process. Our goal is to help the clients to establish their own best practice.

Trust is everything for us

Please checkout what our customers have to say about us

“Anelen's team is absolutely outstanding. We closed our last round with a prominent VC in great part due to the data visibility we provided to investors through Anelen's work."

Konstantin, Zvereff
CEO, BlueCart Inc.

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