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We bring data to where it matters

Most ETL services are limited to popular applications and data stores. Where they don't cover, we are here to help!
ETL: Process of Extracting, Transforming, and Loading data.

Use Cases 

Case 1: Bring Any Data for Analysis

Our versatile REST API data connector retrieves data from any modern cloud applications

A SaaS business customer needed to move the data from their production applications to the data warehouse for product analytics. However, most ETL services do not support bringing data from minor cloud services or proprietary applications. Anelen's versatile REST API connector is quick to configure and starts extracting the data immediately with a fraction of the cost of hiring a data engineer.

Case 2: Marketing Automation

Data Warehouse shouldn't be a data dead-end.  We bring the data back to the frontline applications

B2B startup computes the product usage metrics in a data warehouse and wanted to use the metrics to automate the up-selling campaigns. Anelen integrated the data warehouse and the target applications such as Pardot and Marketo. The daily import of the metrics served as a PQL (product qualified leads) and made the targeted campaign 10X more efficient.

Case 3: Lean Customer Success Operation

Track the customer health and prioritize the support for "at-risk" customers

Customer retention is the key to the sustaining growth of a business. It is important to identify the "at-risk" customers and support them before it's too late. Customer health metrics may be computed to identify who is likely to churn. Anelen can help publish the metrics to the customer support applications like Zendesk. The customer success operation becomes 10X more effective in defending the revenue.

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We deploy scalable and industry standard solutions such as and AWS Fargate. Data is extracted from the source applications, then loaded to a destination data store such as the data warehouse (Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake, etc) or another cloud applications (Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk, etc)

Customer success story

Tim Thatcher

COO, Tiny Technologies Inc.

"We have been extremely pleased with the work done by Anelen to set-up a platform to enable us to gain deeper levels of insight into many aspects of our business.  Anelen has both the expertise, and just as importantly, the desire to help its clients get the most value they can out of their data."

  Tiny Technologies Inc.

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