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(If you are just wondering what "kinoko" (hint: it's a Japanese word) mean and why we named our service this way, please read all the way to the end...or just skip to the end.)

What is ETL?

ANELEN's mission has always been to help businesses make smarter decisions with Data Science. The strength of our intelligence service is the combination of data engineering and analytics that let our clients quickly extract the valuable intelligence out of big data.

We illustrate such a process as a three-tiered pyramid:

Intelligence must be carefully drawn from the business context and the data. The data must be Extracted from the source, Transformed for the objective, and Loaded on the high-performance data warehouse such as Google BigQuery to compute the metrics that matter to the decision-makers. The ETL process must be automated for the speed, consistency, and accuracy instead of painstakingly exporting and importing to Excel on your desktop.

Why choose

For extracting the data from popular cloud applications such as Salesforce, ANELEN can help you by integrating with major data pipeline services. However, such boilerplate services typically do not support the connection to minor or proprietary data sources. This is when you should consider

We combine a reliable consulting experience with the worry-free ETL service. Even for an ETL process that requires customization, can deliver the tailor-made solution quickly with a fraction of the cost: Think of the time and money spent for hiring capable data engineers, training, building and maintaining the whole system. We do so very efficiently by combining widely accepted open-source technology such as and the scalable container technology such as AWS Fargate:

What does life with look like?

Here is what you will enjoy when you choose and the data science service by ANELEN:

  • The data flow automatically. (Running to the well with a bucket vs. simply turning the faucets)
  • Make decisions with fresh and accurate data.
  • Continuously refresh your machine learning model with the latest data.
  • Free up your engineer's time from ETL maintenance so they can focus on building the product.

One more thing...towards Smart ETL

T of ETL is Transformation. This typically means aligning the data format for efficient analytics in the downstream. ANELEN will take it to the next level. In the end, we are transforming the data to add value with an intelligent process such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. Such value-added information should be delivered back to the application which you and your customer interact with. Smart ETL transforms the raw data with a machine learning service before loading it to the frontline applications:

(In this scenario, the data source can be the data warehouse and destination can be the cloud applications such as Salesforce. Such direction is not covered by other data pipeline services.)

Find out more!

I hope this introduction was informative and relatable to your business. If you would like to find out more what Anelen can do for your data challenge, please simply contact (.co, not .com don't get your email lost elsewhere!) or schedule a free discovery meeting with the scheduler.

Daigo Tanaka, CEO and Data Scientist @ ANELEN

Almost forgot!

Thanks for reading (or skipping) to the bottom. As I promised, I tell you what kinoko means. Kinoko means mushroom and Japanese.

And did you know that fungi have been called 'Earth's natural internet'? According to this BBC article, mushrooms are "made up of a mass of thin threads, known as a mycelium. We now know that these threads act as a kind of underground internet, linking the roots of different plants. That tree in your garden is probably hooked up to a bush several meters away, thanks to mycelia." and "By linking to the fungal network they can help out their neighbors by sharing nutrients and information"! So, kinoko is exactly what ANELEN's ETL service does.

I am also amazed at how mushrooms grow so big so quickly after the rain. Your data looms so big before you notice. So act quickly! Start today by checking ANELEN's case studies.

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